Have your Say on Revitalisation

Sunday 18 February 2018

Revitalisation’s finals say, seeking approval through changes in CAMRAs articles of association. Requiring a 75% majority vote on this special resolution. Every CAMRA member has a vote which can be done in person by attending CAMRA’s AGM in April, or by registering to vote by proxy. You can vote from the start of March and register to get an email prompt at https://revitalisationdecision.camra.org.uk. The Proposal for change in the articles of association are:

BEER • Real ale remains core to CAMRA’s campaigning • CAMRA’s representation widens to include all pub goers and drinkers of quality beer • CAMRA’s scope widens to include quality beer of all types

CIDER AND PERRY • Real cider and perry remains core to CAMRA’s activities • Cider and perry are explicitly mentioned in CAMRA’s Articles of Association

PUBS, CLUBS AND THE ON-TRADE • The definition of the on-trade outlets CAMRA supports is widened • CAMRA will campaign for and promote all on-trade venues where quality beer, cider and perry is sold, not just traditional pubs and clubs • CAMRA will not extend its current support of the off-trade

EDUCATION AND INFORMATION • Education and knowledge will be put at the heart of CAMRA’s membership benefits • Positive alcohol and health campaigning will be added into the organisation’s objectives • Objectives will be added to recruit discerning beer, cider and perry drinkers into membership and give them access to information and education resources to introduce them to the best quality beers, including real ale, cider and perry

QUALITY • Increasing the quality of real ale, cider and perry, not just promoting their consumption

HEALTH AND WELLBEING • Promote the benefits of moderate social drinking • Build positive alcohol and health campaigning into objectives

Further details on all of the key topics are available from https://revitalisationdecision.camra.org.uk/