Penryn Pub Walk

Saturday 11 March 2017

A good 25 or so CAMRA members converged on the ancient town of Penryn on Saturday 11 March for a crawl of its venerable pubs.

The first port of call was the historic Thirsty Scholar, formerly Three Tuns, a comfortable inn on West Street offering three beers St Austell Tribute, Skinner’s Cornish Trawler and Rebel Penryn Pale Ale. In keeping with the academic theme, one wall had 2 well-stocked bookcases, but of wallpaper! The old pub seems to go on forever at the back down the hill, much bigger that the frontage suggests. Candles on the table were a nice touch; very handy for lighting up my Trawler. Having quenched our initial thirst, it was down the hill to the Seven Stars in Lower Market Street, which offered three beers including Treen’s Cuckoo and Blue Anchor Spingo Middle. A beer drinker’s delight in Penryn. Two friendly pub cats were in residence.

While eating a pasty in Fore Street I noticed a large granite hall that would make a great beer festival venue. Look closely at the name carved in granite over the windows!

Next pub down the hill was the King’s Arms in Broad Street with its unique bay portico on granite pillars overhanging the footway. An inn since 1489 with a history of kings and ghosts, we made a bee-line for the Exmoor Dark in the comfortable dark wood bar. Another old pub that stretches way back down the hill.

Last pub down by the Penryn River was the Famous Barrel, formerly the Commercial, with its unusual ‘barrel’ door and open fire. Sharp’s Doom Bar, Skinner’s Betty Stogs and Dartmoor Jail Ale were on offer. Quite a few locals in the Barrel. To get back to the station meant passing the other pubs again, but just another Spingo in the Seven Stars for me this time.

Quite a few of the Cornwall tasting panel were on the crawl, and several Cornish beers were bagged on the way. With the bonus of dry weather, we had a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Article and pictures supplied by Steve Barber Tasting Panel Chairman