Harbour Brewery Trip

Saturday 20 August 2016

We were met by Eddie the owner and once everyone arrived we were taken through to the brewing room.

The brewery has undergone a large number of changes since the last time we visited. There is more equipment in the brewing room and it has been moved around.

Eddie took us through the brewing cycle and we looked at all the vessels and he showed us the computerised brewing process. In the same room are the fermenting vessels and conditioning tanks. Eddie explained that they like to hold on to their beers for a little longer than most breweries before casking, bottling or canning up. We spent quite a time here as there were a number of questions. We then moved on to the canning room.

Here was the bottling plant we had seen before and in front of it sat the new canning plant. Eddie explained the whole canning process and said that they can for Marks and Spencer as well as themselves. The canning line can work faster then the bottling line. They also bottle for a couple of other breweries including Adnams.

From here we went through to the holding area for all the completed cans and bottles. We enjoyed Harbour hospitality and sampled all of their products, including a couple of canned beers and on aged in Bourbon casks.

We then presented the certificate for best in category of Cornish beers for Amber, their first beer to be brewed by the company.

Dugg Polman, Social Secretary, CAMRA Kernow.