Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Cider Rep

Linda Dopson

Branch Cider Representative Role Description

- This role description is only a guideline and each branch may require something slightly different

Purpose of the Role

- To promote and campaign for real cider and perry at branch level.

Key Activities

- Encouraging, promoting, and campaigning for real cider and perry at branch level (and beyond if inclined).

- Keep up-to-date records on cider pubs, cider makers, and distributors in your Branch area.

- Report relevant information and news to your Branch and to your Regional Cider Coordinator (RCC).

- Encourage pubs that don't stock real cider or perry to do so.

- Encourage pubs that do stock real cider or perry to extend their range (maintaining the quality).

- Take the lead in deciding your Branch's Cider Pub of the Year (or encouraging your Branch to award a Branch Cider Pub of the Year).

- Encourage or organise cider related activities and promotions (including events for CAMRA's October Cider & Perry Month).

- To act as the Branch expert on cider and perry related issues and campaigns. This might include providing explanations and ideas to your Branch and to your RCC, or to the APPLE Committee.

- If required by the Branch, you may be asked to help with or run the cider bar at your Branch beer festival. This is usually optional.

Code of Conduct

- To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view that is against CAMRA's policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.

- To refrain from action or inaction that would bring the Campaign into disrepute.

- To advise others of any conflicts of interest, and avoid such conflict if possible.

- To liaise with your RCC on cider matters that may affect CAMRA regionally or nationally.

Time Commitment

- This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give.  Around 2 hours a month is probably a minimum except at key times, such as the lead up to October, and your Branch beer festival.

- In addition, attendance at Branch meetings is desirable.


- An interest in real cider & perry is essential.

- Access to a computer and the internet is essential.

- Good writing and interpersonal skills are desirable.


- Advice and guidance on CAMRA policy is available from the RCC and, where, appropriate, people who have previously held the post.

- There is a camra-apple yahoo group that you can join. A PowerPoint presentation and Information Sheet are available on the camra-apple yahoo group, or direct from Chris Rouse ku.oc.oohay@esuorjsirhc().

- More information and support is available from your RCC and the APPLE Committee and a summary of CAMRA's cider campaigns can be found at


- This role is not mandatory within the Branch.  It is appointed by the Branch, the method of which is up to the Branch (eg. executive appointment, committee vote, or a wider vote).

- Once appointed, the Branch Cider Rep should ensure their membership record updated. This can be done by your Branch Chairman or another nominated person.

Questions, Queries and Further Information

- Any questions of queries, please contact your RCC, or Andrea Briers ku.oc.nezym.sreirb@aerdna(), or Chris Rouse ku.oc.oohay@esuorjsirhc().