Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Press Officer

Russ Durbridge

Branch Press and Publicity Role Description

- This role description is only a guideline and each branch may require something slightly different

Purpose of the Role

- To generate publicity for the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) within the Branch boundaries.

Key Activities

- To act as liaison between the Campaign for Real Ale and members of the press and other media.

- To generate opportunities for media coverage including special events.

- To issue press releases on newsworthy topics.

- To foster relations with local media and keep records of media contacts, which should be made available to future successors to this position.  

- To keep records of media releases sent by CAMRA centrally and act on them where appropriate.

- To act as the Branch contact to liaise with CAMRA's central Publicity Team.

Code of Conduct

- To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view to the media that is against CAMRA's policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.

-To liaise with the appropriate Brewery or Pub Chain Liaison Officer where a media release is related to the organisation they are liaising with.

Time Commitment

- This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa 2 hours a month is probably a minimum except at key times, which could be the local beer festival for example, when a higher level of commitment might be required.

- In addition, attendance at local Branch meetings is useful. 


- Good writing skills

- Good interpersonal skills

- Access to a computer and the internet.

- Day and evening contact telephone numbers that can be published. A mobile number is fine as long as it can be used during the day on an ad hoc basis.

- An email address that can be accessed during the day. 

- Ability to act as a spokesperson is usually useful but not always essential.


- Support is available from CAMRA's central marketing and communication team (including list of local media contacts).

- Advice and guidance on CAMRA policy is available from branch committee members and where, appropriate, people who have previously held the post.

- The Campaigner will run articles on best practice, hints and tips from other branches from time to time. If you can sign up by , including your membership number and email address

- The CAMRA website is also a useful source of information