Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Pubs Officer

Rod Davis

Branch Pub Campaigns Coordinator Role Description

- This role description is only a guideline and each branch may require something slightly different

Purpose of the role

- To initiate, stimulate and coordinate pub campaigning activities within the Branch boundaries, in line with CAMRA's national aims and policies on pub campaigning.

Key activities

- To coordinate Branch campaigns to promote pub going either initiated by the post holder or nationally. 

- To look for opportunities within the Branch area to celebrate the unique contribution that pubs play in the community. These may be initiated locally, regionally or nationally.

- To liaise with the Pub Database Coordinator (if a separate post) to ensure completion and maintenance of an  accurate Branch database on all pubs (including non-real ale pubs) within the branch boundaries.

- To work with the Pub Protection Officer to assist local campaigns to save pubs within the Branch area from closure or unwanted changes. This could involve working with non CAMRA groups of pub goers such as the local Civic Society and other community and historical society groups.

- To encourage Branch members to provide updates on pubs in the Branch area particularly those that might be under threat either of closure or alteration. These "pub contacts" could play a wide range of roles, including distributing the branch magazine and updating the branch pub database.

- To work with the Branch Chairman to ensure that pub campaigning is regularly raised at Branch meetings.

- To work with Branch Publicity Officer to publicise relevant pub campaigns.

Code of conduct

- To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view to the media that are against CAMRA's policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.

Time commitment

- This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa 2 hours a month is probably a minimum except at key times, which could be a major local campaign, when a higher level of commitment might be required. Attendance at local Branch meetings is useful. 

- Some areas have Pub Groups (locally and/or regionally) where attendance at their meetings would be valuable.


- Good writing skills.

- Good interpersonal skills.

- Access to a computer and the internet.

- Ability to act as a spokesperson is useful but not always essential.


- For pubs of architectural or historic interest, the Pub Heritage Group can assist as can the Pub Protection Officer if the branch has one.

- Advice and guidance on CAMRA policy is available from Branch committee members and where, appropriate, people who have previously held the post.

- Support on planning issues is available from CAMRA's Local Planning Policy Advisor ku.gro.armac@htrowsnia.luap(). Some regions also have a Regional Pubs Protection Officer, who can also help.  

- The Campaigner will run articles on best practice, hints and tips from other branches from time to time. You can sign up by , including your membership number and email address.

- The CAMRA website is also a useful source of information.