Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Social Secretary (Mid Cornwall)

Ann Burnett

Branch Social Secretary Role Description

- This role description is only a guideline and each branch may require something slightly different

Purpose of the Role

- To organise social activities of the Branch

Key Activities

- Find venues for social meetings of the Branch. These can include pub(s), breweries and beer festivals. Some Social Secretaries also organise venues for formal meetings, which will require a separate room.

- Contact the venue to make arrangements - rooms, catering etc.

- Organise transport and accommodation where necessary. Liaise with social secretaries in other Branches on joint events.

- Publicise the event via What's Brewing / Branch newsletter /Branch website.

Code of conduct

- Do not be limited to one's own personal preferences for types or venues of social events.

- Take account of any known special needs of members of the Branch (disabled access / transport etc.)

- Inform the appropriate Brewery Liaison Officer or festival organiser when taking a group to an event outside the Branch area.

- Listen to feedback from members on the success or otherwise of events.

Time commitment

- It would be unusual if this role took more than couple of hours each month (obviously not including time at those events you choose to attend!). Regular attendance at local branch meetings.


- Good writing skills

- Good interpersonal skills

- Access to a computer and the internet

- Local knowledge


- Information on pubs and breweries is available from the Good Beer Guide, local pub guides and Branch websites. Other publications can be useful, but they may not always make beer quality a priority!

- Help is available from Branch committee members and where, appropriate, people who have previously held the post.

- The Campaigner will run articles on best practice, hints and tips from other branches from time to time. If you can sign up by emailing: ku.gro.armac@pihsrebmem, including your membership number and email address

- The CAMRA website is also a useful source of information. Click here to download the What's Brewing production schedule for 2015.