Return to the The Forgotten Corner

Saturday 25 August 2018

We ventured to ‘The Forgotten Corner’ to the Wilcove Inn which is situated at more or less water level next to the River Tamar with views across to the City of Plymouth.

Stevie Wilmott on the Samples!

By train to and from St. Germans station then Oakley’s coach to the Wilcove. Andy and his son Ben looked after us very well with lots of comfortable settees spread around on a pleasant and mainly sunny day. An interesting selection of beers to enjoy; I found the ‘SUP-WIYO from Collyfobbell Brewery in Derbyshire was to my taste. A number of Cornish beers including PROPER BLACK at 6% from the St. Austell Brewery not forgetting a mouth watering selection of ciders from 4% to 7.5% to keep Lin and others happy!

Train pulls in to Path to the Wilcove Inn Wilcove Inn Lounging Outside at the Wilcove Inn Beer in the garden at Wilcove Inn Wilcove Inn View

Then it was off to The St. John in the village of St. John. Rob and Gil gave us a great welcome with a superb selection of beers and 4 ciders. They took over the pub which had been closed for 5 years about a year ago; it is easy to see the hard work they put into the pub’s renovation to make it warm and welcoming with atmosphere.

St Johns Inn St Johns Inn Team Len learning the strings from Jim

I will add that on the trips we have made to the East of the County we have discovered a number of delightful pubs and I believe most are free houses.