Committee Visit To Sharp's Brewery

Saturday 7 April 2018

A few pictures from the committees visit to Sharps Brewery...Write up to follow shortly,

From left to right Hayley (Sharp's production Brewer), Rod Davis (Pubs Officer), Steve Willmott (Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor), Linda Dopson (Cider Representative), Bob Bunce (Branch Chairman), Roger Webster (Transport Officer and Joint Social Secretary), Sonia Bunce (Press Officer, Branch Contact, Press Officer and Festival Chairman), Jim Gordon (Treasurer), Craig Allen (Branch Secretary), Geoff Puddephatt (Clubs Officer), John Stredder (Newsletter Advertising Contact), David Rescorla (Young Persons Representative), Steve Barber (Chair of CAMRA Cornwall Tasting Panel, NBSS coordinator and Regional Tasting Panel Coordinator) and James Nicholls, Sharp's Head of Marketing)